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For many months Ixo hasn’t gone to the basement of our house. Even when everybody in the house would call him to go down there, he’d still refuse. And today, I was kinda feeling low and worried about some things until I hear him running down to the basement. He really look like he’s been looking for me and waiting to be hugged. And as if he felt that I need some comfort. I wish I could’ve taken his photo but too late coz he immediately lie on the floor. 
I’m amazed how God created man and even more now how He created animals like dogs. They can sense what their masters are feeling especially when they are lonely. I remember our dog back home who just passed away a week ago… He can sense if we are not feeling okay. He would walk towards me/us, lie on our toes, and give us the look as if he’s saying: “come on, hug me. You can cry on me until you feel better” 
I believe God uses them to give us comfort or joy. Because God sees our hearts. He knows what is going through in our lives. That moment God impressed in heart that there’s nothing to worry about, and assured me that everything is under control. And that gave me a relief! 😀
This morning (13 May ‘14), I got a message from my Dad saying, Bruce already passed away. I thought I read Drew (our younger labrador) so it did not sink it yet. But when I came to my senses and started to re-read all the message from my Dad and my sister sent me messages too, then slowly begun to dawn on me and suddenly felt a pinch in my heart that our dearest dog, our Bruce was already gone. 
He’s not the first dog that we had and left but he’s the one that I really love and always brag about. Some people would be scared at him because of his big built and strong voice there are still many who would stop and check on him because of his adorable face and find him huggable. And he’s the only golden brown lab in our area that’s why he’s very noticeable.
8 years is too short for us to have you. You have been very loyal to us, been through many circumstances, has been with us wherever we go, defending us from bad guys… you’re one such great dog! I wish you could live with us forever.
While hearing the story what happened with you until how you died, I couldn’t help not to cry. I was and am really hurt that you left us too soon and the fact that I am miles and miles away from home I could not see and embrace you. 
I just miss you, Bruce! :(
Loving my long curly locks ♥  #cutornot #selfie -so what?! lol
I R I S H A turned 2 today!
Ixo: Please, let’s go out!
My little guy =)
Me and my little companion

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